Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thinking, Doing & Caring

As I read through Chapter 5 of Barkley's Student Engagement Techniques, these concepts were mentioned towards the end of the chapter.  It's as though they encapsulate, animate and otherwise exemplify an interactive learning environment.

Can they be dissected?  If so, should they be dissected?  If, indeed, thinking, doing and caring are inextricably linked, how will that shape curriculum planning and delivery?

I have left the overlapped areas open to interpretation. I would be interested to read other's opinions on whether (or not) this pictograph is relevant, timely, and useful. Also, which domains would be highlighted by the synergistic areas of thinking, doing and caring?

I would venture to say that these should be the areas of main focus during curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation.  I'm excited to read anyone's input!

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